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The following is an awareness to all others Business, Suppliers and Traders

Mr Wayne Bryant the company director of;

REFURB LTD 05081058 Registered Address: Sanderum Centre Oakley Road, Chinnor, Oxon, OX39 4TW

Now trading as REFURB GROUP LTD (09583054)

At the time of trading under REFURB LTD 05081058 Mr Wayne Bryant failed under his obligations as a company director to fore fill payment to his contractors and suppliers for the project carried out at Royalblue.

To all Suppliers, Traders and Contractors;

Should you wish to add your comments about Mr Wayne Bryant and his company REFURB LTD then please forward an e-mail to your comments will be added to a blog

Comments so far;

1. (Godfrey De Sousa) Although Wayne at Refurb Ltd has been paid in full most of the work agreed still remains uncompleted. Based on our experience we would recommend not paying Wayne or Refurb Ltd any advances until the work has been fully completed.

2. (Greg Farrar) Wayne Bryant failed to fulfill his end of the deal. We carried out substantial sub contracting work for Refurb Ltd and they failed to pay. We currently have a CCJ against the company 5/2/2016. They are now trading under another name, my advice is stay away!