A Gas Makes Finding Refrigerant Data Easier on New UK Website

​Refrigerant experts, A Gas, have a new website which will help engineers find refrigerant data more easily.

A Gas Group Brand and Marketing Manager, Hayley Russell said:

“The new UK site has a supplier link for all refrigerants which allows engineers on the road to find their local A-Gas supplier quickly and easily. It’s very user friendly and distributors can login directly to their own online portal to assist with the task of cylinder fleet management.

“The new UK website directly links to a system supplying Material Safety Data Sheets for all our products. In addition to this, our resource centre also allows users to download best practice guidance for cylinder storage and handling – and pressure temperature charts for our refrigerants – making them more accessible for engineers on the road.”

​ Regulatory information has its own zone on the website too to help engineers keep up to date with refrigerant law, as well as health and safety rules.